Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Shapewear a Year Later…was the title of the conference that took place on Sunday the 23rd, at this Edition of Interfiliere January 2012

The conference room was packed, which showed the interest on this subject, by the assistants to the show.
For over 40minutes, Intima Magazine, talk about the facts and conclusions, based on their interviews to 320 shops selling Shapewear garments. I would like to summarize some of the key conclusions:
  • Shapewear is, and continues to be a growing market.
  • All the major brands have now a Shapewear range, and they are satisfied with the growth of sales.
  • The Shapewear consumer, average, ranges from a size 38 to 42. In other words is not the “slightly overweight” prototype we have in mind. However many brands are offering now larger sizes such as a European 54, 56…Same factor is applied to the bra sizes and Even Huit, is now offering a 95D bra size.
  • Wacoal and Triumph, are still the leaders in the Shapewear Market. With Beauty Secret, Wacoal has sold over 30million garments, all over the world.
  • Major designers agree, that Shapewear is mainly a function garment, but fashion and beauty is now playing a major role.(you can see it in the Photo Collage I have attached). The “Lace Look” is very strong. 
Companies are making large efforts to create different products highly innovative and where technology plays a major role. The are willing to experience with new yarns and search for a mix of invisible and feminine/support and modernity.

Ex. The line Lovely Sensation from Triumph France, made with Sensitive by Eurojersey. The line Rosy Sensual made with collaboration with Noyon offering a Cotton Lace; and Envy by Wacoal France, with a double sided tulle, combining cotton and polyamide.

  • However, still the major selling colors are nude and White in the summer and Black in the winter time.
  • The best selling points are still those where the consumer can be assisted and directed towards their needs, by professional staff.
The trendiest brands in my opion they are: Made by Niki and Andrés Sarda lace collection with a retro look.
Some of the collections now in the Market are:
  • Perle: by Prima Donna
  • Retro Lite, Bride, Everyday Slimmers, by Bodywrap
  • Natural Shape: by Hanro of Switzerland
  • Top Model: by Simone Perele
  • Beauty Secret: by Wacoal
  • Astor: by Marie Jo l’Aventure
  • Anyma: by Cotonella
  • Sollievo: by Italian group Lormar
  • Beauty Perfect: by Barbara
  • Shape Sensation: by Triumph
  • Sexy Shapping: by Chantelle
  • Basic  Shapping: by Chantelle
  • Confidence: by Implicite
  • Free Lance: by Berlei
  • Luscious Cake: by Rosapois
  • Future: by Pierre Mantoux
  • Minimizer: by Naturana
  • Shape, by Andra Lingerie
  • Esme, by Fantasie
  • Les cosmetiques, by Rosy
  • Vilma, by Anita
  • Sirene and Heritage, by Scandale
  • Contour: by Fleur of England
  • Beauty Perfect by Bestform
  • Zoe, by Marie Jo
  • Slimmers, by Sans Complexe
  • Fabulous Sensation, Lovely Sensation; Sleek Sensation; Diamond and Cool…by Triumph.
And the list  I am sure goes on…as you can see the market becomes more and more interesting...